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Fairmint software is the easiest way to legally issue equity and digital assets to investors and contributors. By integrating Fairmint software with your website, you will have a suite of tools and dashboards making it simple to conduct a compliant fundraising offering, compensation offering, or both!

Why founders and organizations love Fairmint:

Full control and flexibility to manage the terms of fundraising and compensation offerings for aligning your community with powerful financial incentives.

Automated compliance steps including identification verification (KYC/KYB), anti-money laundering screening (AML), accreditation (if required), exemption compliance, federal SEC filings, state blue-sky filings, document creation and signatures, automated investments and compensation, and more!

Continuous offerings that are available anytime via your website to greatly reduce the time and hassle required with finding and accepting investment capital.

Automated processing and tracking of investments, equity, stakeholders, digital assets, compensation, and more!

Why your community will love Fairmint:

User-friendly interface for investing and managing compensation.

The flexibility, transparency, and self-custody of blockchain technologies.

Fairmints software integrations are fully controlled by you, not some third party, and not Fairmint. Hosted on your own domain with your own colors, messaging, logos, images and branding, and subject to your sole control and discretion.

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