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What are the steps to go live? πŸš€
What are the steps to go live? πŸš€
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1. Get access

Get your portal at to get started. It's free to get started.

2. Setup you first allocation

Outline the terms for your offering is a few clicks leveraging Fairmint's exclusive community ownership legal template. It is as easy a filling in 5 fields. 🀯

3. Unlock Fundraising and/or Equity Grant

Fairmint enables two ways to distribute equity:

Fundraising is now a breeze! You can raise money continuously from your community around the globe without breaking a sweat. Plus, the platform takes care of compliance so you don't need to stress. Our platform is loaded with tons cutting edge fundraising tools.

Equity Grant is the way to go to reward your community for driving your business forward.

Whether it's through referrals, feedback, or any other valuable contribution, anyone who adds value to your company can earn equity. It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you're looking for equity! Our simple process makes it easy to compensate a community of thousands. Many of our customers use this to incentivize activity that drives key business metric.

4. Make it yours

With Fairmint you're aren't just another page on someone else's website. You own it from the colors, images, and your story. 🎨

Your amazing design with make your offering stand out and make your community feel at home.

5. Launch to your community! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

And just like that your are ready to go live and start leveraging the power of community ownership! We will be by your side the whole time. Happy to share what we have learned your our most successful customers.

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