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What about dilution with community offerings? 🧩
What about dilution with community offerings? 🧩
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The Community Safe relies on a static valuation cap while still allowing sales of the underlying assets at different prices. With a static valuation cap users avoid the complexities involved with investments converting at different caps, a process that can result in unexpected dilution. With the Community Safe, organizations can easily predict the percentages they have given away, making planning for a successful future easier than ever before!

Community Shares are an investment vehicle for issuing current equity and thereby avoiding the need for conversion at a later point in time, making all issuances completely predictable and transparent.

With Fairmint you decide how much equity to allocate, you control any proposed investments or distributions, and you can adjust the price as needed to accommodate for demand and your needs!

Checkout our financial models and simulator in your portal to test how different scenarios will play out for your organization.

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