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Is Fairmint a trading venue, broker dealer, or other registered entity? ⛓
Is Fairmint a trading venue, broker dealer, or other registered entity? ⛓
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NO. Fairmint is NOT a specially registered or regulated entity, and does not provide financial or legal advice or services, broker-dealer services, investment services, or a trading venue of any kind. Fairmint is NOT a broker, dealer, exchange, transfer agent, money transmitter, money services business, virtual currency business, funding portal, investment or financial advisor, attorney or law firm, investment company, facilitator, underwriter, solicitor, intermediary, custodian, placement agent, market maker, or any other distinct entity registered with government or regulatory authorities.

Like other software packages used to create and publish websites, Fairmint software provides you with tools and technologies to craft, launch, and manage your own securities offerings, from your own website, subject to your sole control. You alone are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and Fairmint software should only be used as a tool to help simplify meeting the required steps, and should never be used or seen as a substitute for working with a qualified attorney and diligently enforcing all legal requirements.

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